Camera base with clamps for Redstar Accu


Camera base with clamps for Redstar Accu and Redstar Mini Accu


The set consists of camera base with 2 clamps for RedStar ACCU.


Camera base is made from anodised aluminum. Comfrotable in use due to two easy-to-grip handles equiped with a ball adapter each, ready for attaching video lights or video arms.

Housing assembly

Camera base has numerous holes for attaching the underwater housing - the work space between the handle bars is 19cm. Additionally the holes make it lighter and allow to attach extra lighting / equipment underneath.


Clamps are made from black delrin and are positioned under the camera base with two stainless screws each. The inside diameter of the clamp is ca. 67mm. There are also additional 8 holes that make the clamp lighter and also can be used for attachment.


Data sheet

anodised aluminium and delrin
Camera base working surface
Clamp inside diameter

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