REDSTAR Video Light


Video Light RedStar - powerful and bright, great for underwater photography and videography.


Spherical port

Front glass has spherical shape. It gives very wide angle of emitted light. Redstar is one and only underwater video light built without any lense and using spherical front glass.

One single High Power LED chip

Specially designed for photografical solutions. 200 Watts single LED chip with CR index higher than 85. Redstar is based on single LED chip with total lumen output of 19000 but reduced to 14400 for better colour rendering. Natural sun colour temperature at the level of 3600 Kelvins gives perfect crystal image in digital CCD sensors.

Rotary switch with two modes

Two brightness modes of light allow precise adjustment of output power. Rotary magnetic switch placed on the back side of the light head is very easy to operate. It rotates and works in both directions. Switching between modes is immediate. When switch is in off position light head does not draw any power.

Dedicated for High Definition underwater videography

Sidemount - backmount accu

For sidemount configuration and for classic on-strap mounted configuration.

Goodman handle and butterfly connector

Very easy to hold and adjust, a lot of options of cliping to harness.

Underwater photo gallery


Data sheet

Lumen output
max 14400
Max dimensions

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